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lush blooms & glitz at the calhoun beach club

July 3, 2015

 Look at this STUNNING wedding. Those maid’s dresses are so gorgeous with their different soft colors. The bride looks effortlessly amazing with her gorgeous blonde hair and lush florals. AND that floral backdrop! How perfectly put together the whole wedding is. That table running is a statement, I cannot believe how perfect this wedding is! This wedding was coordinated by Lasting Impressions Weddings and the images are provided by Melissa Oholendt Photography.

Kovalchuk-Lemon Wedding_preview02Kovalchuk-Lemon Wedding_preview04Kovalchuk-Lemon Wedding_preview03Kovalchuk-Lemon Wedding_preview05Kovalchuk-Lemon Wedding_preview07Kovalchuk-Lemon Wedding_preview09Kovalchuk-Lemon Wedding_preview11Kovalchuk-Lemon Wedding_preview13Kovalchuk-Lemon Wedding_preview12Kovalchuk-Lemon Wedding_preview14Kovalchuk-Lemon Wedding_preview16Kovalchuk-Lemon Wedding_preview17